Book: Our Canada

The book “Our Canada: now and always” appeals to all Canadians and potential citizens of Canada. The book includes the history of Canada; the federal and local  governments (2017); focused on provinces, territories and Canadian multiculturalism. The book presents successful people who contribute to Canada’s prosperity. The book is a mini encyclopedia of 2017 year and is a perfect gift for each family, school, library and everybody who appreciate Canadian values.

Paperback: 228 pages

Publisher: DBA MediaTon; 1 edition (November 8 2017)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-7751837-0-9

Product Dimensions: 17.6 x 2.54 x 25 cm        

Shipping Weight: 632 g

Please “Our Canada: now and always” book in the Multiculturalism section of the…/Wikipedia…/References…

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Our Canada

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There are thousands of books about Canada, but my book makes the difference.

The book focuses on history, current government, provinces and territories.

The book mentions Canadians who make Canada special, rich, attractive.

The book reflects the feelings of a person born, raised and educated in a world away from social equity and opportunities. This person, even if he was planted in another cultural field at the age of 59, managed to make a master class for himself. He managed to break the barrier of an immigrant and become a value-building Canadian.

He succeeded because he wanted to know the splendour of the country that adopted him.

The volume “Our Canada: now and always” required enormous work; oceans of information; rigorous selection.

In order to judge this work at its fair value, you must respond to acrostic







with your own emotions and knowledge. This opportunity exists in the book.

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